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Website Hosting

Our affordable prices and fast webhosting service with email support is unbeatable. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a hosting service of 99.99% uptime.

Domain Registration

Domain registeration has never been so easy before. Just let us know what you want and we will get your website up and running with 3 hours. Our technical team is fast and friendly to collaborate with.

SSL Certificates

Make your website secure and get back on top in the search ranking. Google and other search providers prefer websites which are encrypted. We can give you the best market rates for SSL certificates contact us now.

Website Design

Our website designers are capable of producing div-based and table-based layouts with high quality graphics which defines ease of use with high speed loading. If you are thinking of IT Outsourcing then you have come to the right place!

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

All our online shopping cart solutions come with Payment Gateway, Unlimited Products, Unlimited Categories, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Admin Panel and a very beautiful Front-End. If you are thinking of IT Outsourcing then you have come to the right place!.

Search Engine Optimization

We don't challenge to bring you on the top rankings on Google and other search engines. We show you the results. If you are thinking of IT Outsourcing then you have come to the right place.

Website Maintenance

We have a team of highly qualified developers to maintain your website and modify it to work more efficiently. If you are thinking of an IT Outsourcing then you have come to the right place!

Logo & Identity Design

We make logos to fit your business needs you can put it on your website, business card, letterhead, and envelopes. Plus our designers will work with you and keep revising the designs until you are fully satisfied.

Custom Websites

Do you need something specific totally custom made for yourself ? Why don't you contact us and tell us your requirements. We would be happy to help you.

Website Virus Removal

Can you see "This website may harm your computer" message. Get professional help from us. We can remove malware, viruses or recover your sites for you

Web Service Development

We can make web services for you for interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network communication


We provide support for websites and web development services. If your developer is stuck and needs help, our professionals will be happy to work with them side-by-side to provide an optimum solution.


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Our approach to customer satisfaction is simple. Work closely with every client until they are 100% happy. No worries.

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View the Latest Work from our Portfolio

Jawad Tools

A website for DIY tools. Yes, you can have your own online E-commerce store just like this beautiful website. This is website is created for our client in Dubai. He is really happy with this new design which matches his brand image.

Events Website – Kolmo

Kolmo means charcoal animals in Chinese language. This is a multi-language website project. Back in the times of the Jin Dynasty, literates would come together to share and embrace their work. One privilege often enjoyed during this gathering was to use animal shaped charcoal to warm their drinks.

Murshid Hospital

BOZIMS has done work with other software houses on different projects as well.


Bozims is working in Arab World as well.


Gradpool is a start-up aiming at helping out graduate students to find an appropriate internship program. We have helped to develop the initial prototype of the application and then refactor it entirely. Only the flexibility of Agile Toolkit would have allowed us to adopt quickly to the changing business requirements


SurfAccounts is one of the rare projects in which we did not develop but only contributed the design. A sophisticated and well-polished user interface was developed to make this on-line accounting and payroll solution easy to use       


A largest european credit card merchant hired our team to build their Developer Resource Center.

Linked Finance

Yet another on-line financial project - Linked Finance is a peer-to-peer investment platform. Operating large amount of micro-investments this project rivals Kickstarter in its sophistication. Again - Agile Tookit have excelled at doing pristine job at getting the numbers to match

The X Factor – Fame Game

We were contracted to develop a Online RPG game for a major entertainment brand. During period of three months we have developed a fully-functional HTML5-based multiplayer roleplayer game.


AppsFuel is a platform developed and owned by Docomo Japan. We were contracted to provide a commercial Agile Toolkit support. With our help, a team of developers successfully adopted Agile Toolkit for one of the biggest on-line projects run by Docomo.

SortMyBooks Online

A small development company in Ireland contracted us to convert their desktop accounting application into On-line software. By worked together we have built an on-line accounting software which is considered to be one of the most simple-to-use on-line accounting packages for the past 4 years.


HubCulture is a company operating one of the major virtual currencies - Ven. Our team has built a scalable architecture for a next generation of Ven financial framework. Not often PHP is used for high-end financial systems, but with Agile Toolkit the system turned out to be efficient, stable and secure

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