Simple Insurance Solutions

We designed and developed a website for an insurance company in Manchester. They were so happy with the result they bought other services from us like IT Support.

BBC Blogs

BBC Blogs is another one of the products designed and developed by Bozims.

BBC Programmes

Bozims has developed a digital directory for BBC Programmes.


Bozims developed Al-Hussain mosque , the site contains real time prayer times along with other useful information.


One of the largest agricultural product vendor in South America chose Bozims to enhance it's digital footprint.


One of the leading fashion brand store in Pakistan developed by Bozims.


Bozims helped created one of the leading gift stores in Pakistan.


Bozims baked Avokado - a top grocery e-commerce in all of Jeddah using mobile first design techniques.

NNU Immigration

Bozims has also worked with NNU Immigration which is a London based attorney specializing in US immigration.

Hub Culture

Bozims have developed HubCulture , an AI based  enhanced collective consciousness based on relationshipsand a new kind of money, Ven

Jawad Tools

A website for DIY tools. Yes, you can have your own online E-commerce store just like this beautiful website. This is website is created for our client in Dubai. He is really happy with this new design which matches his brand image.

Events Website – Kolmo

Kolmo means charcoal animals in Chinese language. This is a multi-language website project. Back in the times of the Jin Dynasty, literates would come together to share and embrace their work. One privilege often enjoyed during this gathering was to use animal shaped charcoal to warm their drinks.